There are so many amazing things happening at the Ely Elementary School! 

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Coffee& Donuts with the Principal

Each month Principal Easton invites parents and caregivers to join him for donuts, coffee and conversation about Ely School and its happenings. 

Parents are notified of these dates through the school's Remind app, and Principal Easton also includes details of the meetings in his monthly newsletters. Parents can sign up to attend. 

The schedule of meetings is offered at this link, and meeting minutes of the past are available here.



Ely Weekly Video Bulletin

You can keep up with important news, announcements and events of Ely School week by week when you watch the school's weekly video bulletin. 

This is an excellent resource for parents.

The bulletin is chock-full of information from daily school procedures to special news and happenings, and all delivered with commentary by Principal Easton. 

Catch each week's video bulletin right here!