Parking and Visitor Information

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Thank you for your cooperation with these essential procedures that will help assure the safety and security of all students, staff and visitors to our facility

Procedures for visitors entering the Elyria City Schools:

  1. Please press the intercom buzzer to speak with office staff
  2. State your name and purpose for being at this school
  3. Please remove hat, hood, sunglasses, etc.
  4. If the office staff are unable to see you, you will be asked to look into the camera to be identified
  5. Please have an ID ready to show school personnel when you enter the school, a driver’s license or other picture ID
  6. Enter the building through the marked door and immediately report to the school office to sign in
  7. Once signed in you will be given a visitor’s ID badge with the date, time and who you are visiting.  The visitor badge must be worn and visible at all times during your visit
  8. When leaving the school you must sign out at the school office and return your visitor badge
  9. Failure to abide by any of the above requests will result in denied admittance to the school and you will be requested to immediately leave the property